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"If fishing is a religion, then trolling is high church."

Marty Sallis
Sallis Plumbing and Heating Inc. (London, ON)

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Welcome to Trophy Taker Fishing Charters

Lake Erie fishing, like never before.

If you love fishing, or you're just looking for an excuse to get out on the water and have some fun with your friends and family, we have an experience just for you.

Trophy Taker Fishing Charters generally fish Colchester for walleye in May, Leamington for walleye in June, and in Erieau for walleye and steelhead in July, August and September.

HALFDAY (6hrs) $700 HST INC.
FULLDAY (8hrs) $950 HST INC.

Prices are for 1-6 customers. Customers are responsible for their own group - no mixing groups. Multiple boats are available.

Don't miss your chance to get in on the action. Book now to avoid disappointment - or just drop us a line if you have some questions.

We guarantee some good times and of course great fishin'.


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Download a PDF (6.62MB) of our new 2018 brochure.

Want some great fish recipes?

You've been on another amazing Trophy Taker Charter - you've got your fish fillets - now what?

Your guide Jeremie has all the angles covered.

Want to try the Trophy Taker Wood Plank Recipe? Your fish will be served up golden brown on a cedar plank - a great ending to another perfect day of fishing.

Or, try our Salt and Vinegar Walleye recipe or our new Bacon Wrap recipe for some of the tastiest Steelhead you've ever had.

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